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Toronto's Must Eats: 30 Items For Your Food Bucket List

The best food and restaurants in Toronto is a hotly debated topic, prompting endless lists (to which we proudly contribute) and fierce competition as to which is the best.

So to stoke the fire a bit, the Toronto editors at the Huffington Post Canada pulled together their list of the quintessentially Toronto foods. You know, the ones you tell friends from out of town to make part of their wanderings around the city, or the ideas that comprise your Toronto food bucket list. And yes, we've included where we believe are the best places to get them.

Since there's yet to be a real decision with regards to what Toronto's iconic food really is (even if our votes steer towards the peameal bacon sandwich), we want to celebrate the many varieties of stellar dishes you can get across this great city of ours, and hopefully, get you thinking about which to add to your own list. So bring it on — what are your favourite Toronto dishes?

Toronto's Must Eats
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