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Toronto Power Outage: Twitter Calls Out To Toronto Hydro Via #Darkto (TWEETS)

The Weather Network/Twitter

As part of the wild thunderstorms that rocked Toronto last night and left thousands in the area without power, Toronto Hydro has been issuing "rolling" blackouts in specific areas of the city to conserve power, they say, while they stabilize the system.

The CBC's Kerry Wall made an interactive Google Map of the areas in the city that will experience the rolling blackouts this evening.

Residents in those areas have taken to Twitter to express their confusion about Hydro's use of the word "rolling" blackouts, frustrated as to why the power is taking so long to come back on.

James Ma-Tubbs said he had been out of power for almost 24 hours and Stuart Duncan said power had been out since the early afternoon.

Toronto Hydro clarified in a tweet that rolling blackouts were only supposed to last 1-2 hours, raising the possibility that these customers were just waiting for power to come back on from yesterday.

People complained about perishable food, lack of electricity and pondered what they would eat for dinner.

Others offered helpful tips about charging your cell phone, barbecuing and how long different foods last without refrigeration.

One man appeared to be so delusional about the lack of power, he became confused about how long it had been off.

Here's a look at what the Twitterverse had to say:

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