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Toronto Star Paywall Coming Down April 1

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The Toronto Star is knocking down its digital paywall on April 1, according to a note posted on the newspaper's website.

In a note to readers published Saturday, the publication said the decision to end digital subscriptions came after "extensive input from our readers and our advertisers."

"Listening to our audiences is critical to the success of our daily newspaper and our digital offerings and we are committed to continually adjusting our digital strategies to provide them with what they want," the note stated.

Torstar Corp. originally announced the death of its paywall last November. The company's president and CEO David Holland said then that the move was "an important strategic step forward for the Star."

The newspaper's foray into digital subscriptions began in August 2013.

The day the paywall went up, Star publisher John Cruickshank wrote in the paper that it marked "a major transition for the Star that will help us provide, in print and online, the best and most comprehensive package of news and information in Canada."

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