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Toronto's Best Neighbourhoods, According To Toronto Life

Check your 6ix, Torontonians!

Check your 6ix, Torontonians! It's time to duke it out over which neighbourhood is the city's very best.

Toronto Life magazine has ranked all of the city's 140 neighbourhoods according to a series of factors.

Check out a slideshow of Toronto's best neighbourhoods, as determined by Toronto Life:

10) Leaside-Bennington

Toronto's Best Neighbourhoods, According to Toronto Life

The publication worked with the University of Toronto-based Martin Prosperity Institute to come up with rankings, and drew help from sociologists, urbanists, economists and other professionals.

They examined data such as community health profiles, crime statistics, school evaluations and census data to come up with a list that is sure to sow disagreement among city residents who love their neighbourhoods.

Coming out on top is the Yonge and Eglinton area, which received high scores in categories such as crime, transit, housing and health.

The area also has a Walk Score of 89, reflecting the fact that "most errands can be accomplished on foot."

It's the first time that Toronto Life has ranked neighbourhoods since 2013, when its list generated "city-wide controversy," said a news release.

The latest list is a far cry from the 2013 rankings, which put the Rosedale-Moore Park neighbourhood on top, followed by Banbury-Don Mills, High Park-Swansea, Mount Pleasant West and High Park North.

Indeed, the top 10 lists from both years share only two neighbourhoods: Mount Pleasant East and Casa Loma, both of which ranked in different spots this time around.

But Toronto Life's own rankings aren't the only way to determine the best neighbourhood in the city. The magazine also has a function that allows you to make a custom list, weighing certain factors differently.

For example, Kingsway South jumps to third on the list when you weigh shopping lower.

While the rankings have generated interest among social media users, they have also drawn their share of criticism.

How do you think the ratings reflect the city's neighbourhoods? Tell us in the comments!

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