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Toronto's Condo Boom Reshapes The City Very, Very Quickly (PHOTOS)

Wow: Look How Much Toronto Has Changed In Just 6 Years

If you follow real estate at all it's probably no surprise to hear that Toronto has gone condo crazy in recent years, clocking in as the city with the most high-rise construction in North America for several years running.

Yup, that's right, more condo development than New York, whose metro area is like four Greater Torontos put together.

There are those who say it's too much and it's all going to end badly, and those who say it's fine, the market can handle it.

But one thing is for sure: Many of Toronto's streetscapes have changed dramatically in just the past few years. Those who drive the Gardiner Expressway through the towers on the waterfront can see changes to the skyline on a nearly daily basis.

Real estate services company Point2 Homes Canada used Google Street View to put together these before-and-after pictures of downtown Toronto locations that have been pretty much entirely transformed by the development boom, and have kindly shared them with HuffPost. The before pics were taken in 2007; the after pics were taken in 2013.

Check out the pics:

Developments on York Street

Developments on Harbour Street

Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences and The Florian

Bay Adelaide Centre and Trump International Hotel & Tower

Burano & Murano

Shangri-La Hotel

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