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Travel Horror Stories: What's The Worst Experience You've Had While Abroad?

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Halloween comes knocking at the door tonight, and with that comes the expectation of tricks, treats and the occasional scare. For some, that sense of dread might take the form of spooky spirits, creepy abandoned buildings or whatever Netflix is offering right now for October.

But for travellers, there's always a bit of fear with each trip abroad, that feeling of uncertainty with visiting a foreign land where many things could go wrong. You don't have to ask too many people to come across a travel horror story. Just visit a TripAdvisor page and scroll through the reviews -- there's probably enough material there for a novel.

And really, it doesn't take much to turn a pleasant trip into a vacation nightmare.

Maybe it's losing your passport abroad, waking up in a bed with bed bugs, or jumping through never-ending hoops for a visa. Either way, when it comes to bad travel experiences, everyone has their own nightmarish tale to tell.

But it's not all bad news.

For the most part travel is -- and should be-- a positive collection of experiences where you learn something new, snap a few hundred photos and come back a different person.

At the very least, bad experiences make for interesting stories and maybe even hold a lesson or two for everyone else.

So, to commemorate those terrifying moments when travelling, Huffington Post Canada Travel has rounded up a few horror stories of our own to share.

Terrifying Things To Happen While Travelling


Terrifying Things To Happen While Travelling

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