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Trend Alert: "Unplugged" Weddings

Would You Ask Your Guests To Unplug At Your Wedding?

Contrary to how it might sound, "unplugged" weddings don't include an MTV-style session of your favorite rock star performing acoustic versions of their hits, while sharing anecdotes in a wispy sotto voce.

Rather, couples who want to have an unplugged wedding politely ask their guests to turn off all electronic devices, including point-and-shoot cameras, cellphones and tablets, throughout their wedding.

We know what you're thinking: But... snapping photos as a wedding guest is so darn fun! Especially when you can live-stream a wedding using photo-sharing apps like Wedding Snap.

But before you dismiss the idea of tech-free nuptials, here are some benefits of having an unplugged wedding:

1. If you're the bride and groom, you'll likely be happier with your wedding photos (and video) if the professionals aren't obstructed by the heads or bodies of guests trying to capture a shot of the bride walking down the aisle or the couple's first dance on their device. The lack of additional camera flashes will also result in nicer wedding photos.

2. Guests will be more present in the event because they won't be seeing the day through the lens of a camera or be distracted uploading photos to Twitter, Instragram and other social media sites.

3. You're less likely to end up with embarrassing photos if you leave all photography to the pros. Even if they catch a few photos of you sporting that weird facial expression you hate or nine chins, they definitely won't be posting it on Facebook for all of your friends (and random people you knew in kindergarten) to see. There's no guarantee that your friends and relatives won't post those unflattering shots!

What do you think of this trend? Is this something you're considering for your wedding?

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