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Trudeau's Boston Bombing Comment Should Cost Him

Justin Trudeau's comments about the Boston bombings in an interview with Peter Mansbridge display an ignorance and insensitivity that know no bounds. He appears to give equal moral weight to monitoring those people who point fingers at minorities as to monitoring violent subgroups. In other words, according to Justin, these terrorists are not really at fault.
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This is the partial transcript of the Monday interview between CBC's Peter Mansbridge and Justin Trudeau, the new Leader of the Federal Liberal Party. Read it and weep.


(Ottawa -- Monday) Let me try to ask this as fairly as I can, because it's only a couple of hours after something has happened that clearly was not an accident, in Boston. People have died, many people are injured. You're the Canadian prime minister, what do you do?


First thing, you offer support and sympathy and condolences and, you know, can we send down, you know, EMTs or, I mean, as we contributed after 9/11? I mean, is there any material immediate support we have we can offer? And then at the same time, you know, over the coming days, we have to look at the root causes. Now we don't know now whether it was, you know, terrorism or a single crazy or, you know, a domestic issue or a foreign issue, I mean, all of those questions. But there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded, completely at war with innocents, at war with a society. And our approach has to be, okay, where do those tensions come from? I mean, yes, we need to make sure that we're promoting security and we're, you know, keeping our borders safe and, you know, monitoring the kinds of, you know, violent subgroups that happen around. But we also have to monitor and encourage people to not point fingers at each other and lay blame for personal ills or societal ills on a specific group, whether it be the West or the government or Bostonians or whatever it is, because it's that idea of dividing humans against ourselves, of pointing out that they're not like us and, you know, in order to achieve our political goals we can kill innocents here. That's something that no society in the world that is healthy, regardless of ideology, will accept.

These above comments reflect the true Justin Trudeau. Without handlers. Without a teleprompter. Without a tightly-scripted speech.

Just Justin, being Justin.

These comments display an ignorance and insensitivity that know no bounds.

Justin's comments are simply appallingly stupid.

These comments reflect the mind of a naïve, content-free man child, in a grown man's body.

My neighbor's 16-year-old son has more common sense and native intelligence, than Canada's latest Federal Liberal leader.

In response to a very simple question by Peter Mansbridge, as to what he (Justin Trudeau) would do as Canada's Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau barely pays lip service to the suffering of the victims and their families of these terrible terrorist bomb attacks.

Instead, Justin focuses on what he thinks should be our main concern, not the victims, or their families, or how this unspeakable event happened. But we should be sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of the terrorists themselves and ask ourselves what are the root causes?

In other words, according to Justin, these terrorists are not really at fault.

It is something in American society, (or Canadian society) that is at fault.

There is something in American society ( or Canadian society) that seems to exclude these poor misunderstood individuals.

Trudeau then seems to suggest that the fault may lie with Americans, (or Canadians, as the case may be). That is, those in American society (or Canadian society), or in the West, or in the American government or even Bostonians themselves. All these parties, who point fingers at others because they are different.

Trudeau apparently concludes that it is Americans who create the tensions in their own society, that apparently cause these poor misunderstood terrorists to feel excluded from American society. And in turn this feeling of exclusion makes these terrorists feel at war with innocents and at war with American society.

Recall that Justin Trudeau used to be a teacher and an educator. And he has placed a great premium on education as the new Federal Liberal leader. Ironically, the lessons of 9/11 have completely eluded him.

The architect of 9/11, Osama bin Laden, was not a poor misunderstood man who felt excluded from American society or Saudi Arabian society. Bin Laden, like many of the perpetrators of 9/11, were educated middle class and upper middle class members of their respective societies.

They attacked America and other western institutions in Europe, Africa and in other parts of the world, for many reasons. For revenge, and for strategic, cultural and religious reasons. None of these reasons arose out of their feelings of being excluded from western society. Or from being misunderstood or from feelings of being labeled different.

Note in Trudeau's above comments, he appears to give equal moral weight to monitoring those people who point fingers at minorities as to monitoring violent subgroups.

The tragic reality is that the Boston Marathon terrorists killed three innocent people and injured over 170 people. To date, 13 of those injured have lost their limbs. Many suffer from life threatening lung damage, brain damage and stomach damage. Many of the injured will never recover and will face many more years of operations and years of healing. But Justin Trudeau seems more concerned about those who have the gall to point fingers at minorities and treat them differently.

When in 1970 Pierre Trudeau was faced with Quebec terrorists who kidnapped James Cross and killed Pierre Laporte and had engaged in mailbox bombings, he did not stare at his navel and worry about what the root causes of these terrorist actions were. Pierre Trudeau acted decisively and called in the armed forces, invoked The War Measures Act, suspended civil liberties and put down Quebec terrorists before the contagion spread throughout the province.

It is devastatingly clear now that when the Federal Liberals elected Justin Trudeau, they thought they were getting the son of Pierre Trudeau. Instead, the Federal Liberals are being led by the son of Maggie Trudeau.

Maggie Trudeau is a lovely, warm and affectionate woman. But by her own admission, she was bored by Canadian politics and the affairs of state. She was most happy as a hippie. A flower child. Boogying with the Stones and tiptoeing through the tulips. Justin, like her mother, is a romantic, a dreamer and a simple innocent.

He appears to be blithely chasing moonbeams and unicorns. And tiptoeing through the tulips, barefoot.

As a result of the above comments, Justin Trudeau has become a public embarrassment to the Federal Liberal Party.

And an embarrassment to the Canadian people.

No spin or public apology can undo the damage that he has done to himself and to his Party in the eyes of the Americans, the Canadians and the world.

The damage will be long lasting.

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