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Trumpkins Are Taking Over Halloween For The Second Year In A Row

The perfect distraction from the U.S. presidential election.

Last year, some creative carvers noticed that with their round shape and orange hue, pumpkins bear an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump.

And soon enough, the "Trumpkin" was born.

At the time, the former reality star was running to be the Republican U.S. presidential nominee. But now, he's the official candidate and the election will be just a week after Halloween.

So, Americans are maintaining their sense of humour and Halloween spirit with more Trumpkins.

Folks are pumping out some impressive and utterly ridiculous replicas of the presidential candidate in jack o'lantern form.

Check them out:

A photo posted by Suzie Wilder (@suziejwong) on

A photo posted by Sven (@fashionbear89) on

A photo posted by Ron Taylor (@rontinnyc) on

Our first Entry in the @normandyperk Barista designed Pumpkin Voting #Trumpkin

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