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Tucker Carlson's Pronunciation Of 'Ottawa' Has People In Stitches

"I could not be more offended by the way Tucker Carlson butchers the name of our awesome capital city," one Canadian said about the Fox News host.

Fox News’ primetime personality Tucker Carlson had many Twitter users scratching their heads on Friday night with his pronunciation of Ottawa.

Carlson pronounced it “Ah-Tah-Wa” in a segment criticizing Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris. The anchor suggested the California senator didn’t know American history because she spent some of her teenage years north of the border.

Check out the clip here:

Ottawa City Councillor Tim Tierney tweeted a “how to pronounce Ottawa?” video in response to Carlson’s version:

And while the majority of social media users mocked Carlson over his apparent gaffe, some suggested it could have been on purpose, given his repeated mispronunciation of Harris’ name in the past.

Another user noted that while he didn’t think Carlson actually knew any better, he might have inadvertently gotten something right.

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