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Turn Teen Problems Into Teen Success: Follow Your Bliss

Turn Teen Problems Into Teen Success: Follow Your Bliss
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It often seems that being a teen is about hearing all things you cannot do, should not do or would not do. This can feel entirely frustrating, but what if you could do anything you wanted to with your life? What would you do? How would you be? How would you go about it? Who would you seek out? What if it wasn't what you thought it would be? How would you know when you'd arrived?

Be careful for what you wish for. I am going to give you the keys to make whatever you want happen, as long as it is for the benefit of all who are touched by your choices. These ideas have been stated many times in many ways by many people, but this one is for you.

Pick your target: What is it that makes you happy when you are doing it, but also contributes to the human collective? If this is something you would be happy doing for the next 10 years, make this your target.

Be the arrow: The only thing stopping us is our fears and limiting beliefs. When we eliminate those, anything is possible. If you have reached this stage in the steps to success, you are ready to go after your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you it's impractical. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it. The people who have achieved greatness had everything you and I have, they just followed their bliss.

The Bliss Process

Target -- Think of your target. Make this your focus for everything you do from now on. As you get closer to your target, you will receive tempting offers to do other things. If it is not "on target"... let it go! You will be richly rewarded for sticking with your passions.

Aim -- Your short-term ways of hitting your target require aim. Focus on what you need to hit your target and make this your daily work.

Adjust -- Nothing comes easy (unless you truly believe it can). When you aim and miss, be OK with missing and simply adjust, re-aim and do it again. Someone once said; "I'm either getting it right or I'm learning."

Seek out those of like minds. If you are the smartest and anything-est in your group, find another group. Your life skills are affected by those who you spend time with. If they are successful and happy, you will learn subtle skills and positive subconscious self-speak that will help you succeed and bring you joy and happiness through osmosis.

Reboot the arrow: People never die regretting what they did. They regret what they didn't do. Having said that, sometimes you dive into something, embrace it with all of your heart only to discover it wasn't for you. You now have two camps: a) those who say "you started it, you finish it or you're a quitter" or b) those who say "life is a series of experiences bumping into accidents on the way to your bliss." It's not what you do but what you learn from the experience that counts.

Pierce the target: Guess what, we almost never arrive. New targets will come, new adventures will unfold themselves to you if you are on your true path. It is only in trying to make the world a bit better that we leave a legacy of love that resonates beyond the ages. Nothing resonates as much as loving your fellow human being. So many people spend their lives looking at what is wrong with the world. Look for what is right. It's easier and more fun.

"What did you do as a child that created timelessness, that made you forget time. Therein lies the myth to live by." -- Joseph Campbell

Illustration by Diana Piruzevska

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