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Turning Fitness Failures Into Success

Turning Fitness Failures Into Success

Have you failed in the past with changing your health and fitness?

Whether you have failed once or multiples times, I want to share some great news!

You see, your failures have given you important information that will lead to your success.

Because now you know what doesn't work!

When we tour new potential members at my studio, Taylored Training Fitness, we commonly hear the following 5 reasons for fitness failures:

1 - Not having/making time for fitness

2 - Not having a supportive community and/or coach

3 - Hating the process

4 - Getting Bored

5 - Going too extreme

One of these 5 (or sometimes all 5) usually make their way into a conversation when I work with new members. My response is always the same, "let's focus on what will work, now that we know what doesn't".

While a seemingly simple concept, recognizing what doesn't work in order to achieve your goals is an important way to learn from your failures and lead you to massive success!

And speaking of your success?

Here are our 5 viable strategies that foster success when it comes to your fitness:

1 - Set a positive goal.

So often we focus on what we want to 'lose' when it comes to fitness and not what we will gain! Instead of focusing on losing weight for example, focus on what you will gain when you commit to your fitness! The beautiful thing is, there it is very long list including improved strength, endurance, self-confidence, control and energy just to name a few!

2 - Set a start date and stick with it!

It is so easy to promise yourself you will start when you are 'not as busy' or 'maybe on Monday'. Set a concrete start date and stick with it. The same goes for making a training schedule. When you think about it, 3-4 hours a week isn't much time to dedicate to something that will make your life better!

3 - Find a quality coach or coaches.

Getting bored, feeling lost and not knowing where to start are very common obstacles that can be avoided with quality coaching and support. Having a coach that provides you with program diversity, education and quality training will change the way you feel about fitness (we promise, our members tell us this all the time!).

4 - Find a supportive community.

A supportive fitness community will foster an encouraging environment that will help sustain your commitment and desire to train! Did you ever notice that you enjoy hanging out with your friends who are the most positive, encouraging and just make you feel good? Imagine your fitness community made you feel the same? Wouldn't it be a littler easier to find the motivation to 'hit the gym' on a more regular basis?

5 - Make a long-term commitment but start with some specific goals.

Short-term bootcamp programs, diets and cleanses all have one thing in common -they only give you short-term results! Make a long-term commitment but start with small manageable goals such as training twice a week. When you hit that goal then work with your coach to plan out your next!

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