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Type Books: Stop-Motion Video A Tribute To Books

Print books and the independent bookstores that sell them have not had a good year.

E-books and the readers that display them are the hot new thing and pundits are saying that your neighbourhood bookstores are going the way of the dodo.

But one booklover in Toronto doesn't think so and shot a beautiful stop-motion tribute to books and stores that sell them.

Sean Ohlenkamp, an associate creative director at Toronto marketing agency Lowe Roche, shot the video over four nights at Type Books, an independent bookstore on Toronto's trendy Queen Street west that he shops at.

The stop-motion video, titled "The Joy Of Books" was shot over four nights with the help of more than 15 volunteers, explained Sean Ohlenkamp, the video's creator. He and his team started as soon as the store was closed and worked through the night. "At around 5 a.m. we had to start putting books back for their next business day," he said.

"I never want to see another book as long as I live," he joked.

In the stop-motion video, books poke out of shelves, pile themselves on top of one another and perform some intricate choreography. Of course the books can't actually do this on their own, and had to be moved for each shot by Ohlenkamp and his team of volunteers.

"I think it's amazing. There wre moments in the video that I gasped," said Joanne Saul, co-owner of Type. "The video says long live the book. It's not dead. It gets up and it dances," she added.

The video was inspired by a much smaller project, Ohlenkamp and his wife created last year with the books in his home. "We decided to take this to the next level," he said.

"There's something magical about stores like this and I wanted to get that out here," Ohlenkamp said.

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