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Investigating The Impact Of Ontario's Legal Aid Cuts

UNAIDED: An Investigation Into Ontario's Legal Aid Cuts

UNAIDED is a HuffPost Canada series that examines the effects of recent funding cuts to Ontario’s legal aid system and the impacts on the vulnerable people who rely on it to navigate our complicated justice system.

Legal aid union and lawyers are fighting back against the province’s 30 per cent budget cut.
Clinics will be forced to turn away thousands of people a year, a director says.
Ontario’s Legal Aid Cuts Could Force Refugees Back To The Danger They Fled
Unless the federal government steps in, refugee claimants will have to attend their hearings without representation.

By Emma Paling
Legal Aid Budget Cuts Designed To Muzzle Ford’s Critics, Clinics Say
Legal Aid Ontario says the targeted cuts were necessary to preserve services in the North and rural areas.

By Samantha Beattie, Emma Paling
Layoffs Loom At Ontario Legal Clinic That Helps Tenants Fight Eviction
Legal Aid Ontario is slashing the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario budget by 25 per cent.

By Emma Paling
Legal Aid Ontario Cuts Endanger Constitutional Freedoms, Expert Warns
Private lawyers will no longer be paid to represent the vast majority of their most impoverished clients during bail hearings.

By Samantha Beattie
Budget Cuts Force Ontario Legal Clinic To Lay Off 40% Of Its Staff
The clinic for injured workers is losing four frontline staff members.

By Emma Paling
These Workers Agreed To 20% Pay Cut To Save Jobs Under Ford
A legal clinic that serves injured workers is having its budget slashed retroactively.

By Emma Paling
Ontario Budget Cuts Force Legal Clinic For Fired Workers To Lay Off Staff
Two staff members at the Workers’ Health and Safety Legal Clinic have lost their jobs.

By Emma Paling
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