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University Of Waterloo Students Bullied By Thug Goose

University even developed a mapping system to help students who are scared of geese to avoid their nests.

Can't someone go to class without a goose lunging at them?

That's a serious question facing students at the University of Waterloo, where a Canada goose that Reddit has nicknamed the "spawn of Satan" has been intimidating people.

A video posted to YouTube on Wednesday shows a goose charging at someone after being approached.

Reddit user Quock posted a warning about the goose on the website and called on the university's administration to do something about it.

Here's how he related one of his encounters:

"I've been hissed at a bunch of times but I usually just keep walking. The other day I was walking up there by HH and the thing didn't even hiss at me. I heard a whoosh and looked behind me, and the f***ing thing was in full divebomb mode, wings tucked and mouth wide open, going straight for my face. I dodged it, but it's the only time a goose has actually charged at me."

Aggressive geese have long been a concern at UW, enough that the university has a "Goose Watch" website advising students of where the birds are gathering. The website even helps students map routes around campus to avoid geese nests if they're uncomfortable around them.

Canada geese have been known to be aggressive while nesting, according to Environment Canada, and they have caused injuries to kids and pets.

One Redditor said that goose attacks have become a "key part of the UW undergrad experience."

(Video by Siddharth Verma)

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