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Unnur Bra Konradsdottir, MP, Breastfeeds While Giving Speech, So Badass

No one flinched.

She gave a nearly 30-second speech on Wednesday, addressing Iceland's Parliament about an immigration bill she had put forward. That's nothing out of the ordinary for an elected official. But what makes Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir badass is that she was holding her six-week-old baby -- and breastfeeding -- while she talked.

"She was hungry, and I wasn't expecting to speak, so I started feeding her," the MP for Iceland’s Independence Party explained. "Then a representative asked a question about a proposal I had put forward, which I had to answer. I could choose to yank her off and leave her crying with another representative, or I could bring her with me and I thought that would be less disruptive."

The best part? None of Konráðsdóttir's fellow Parliamentarians even flinched.

“She has been with me at the Parliament almost since she was born so my fellow MPs are used to her," says the busy mom of three. "She has attended numerous committee meetings with me over the final days of this parliament. Usually she is very calm and when we cast our votes she is sound asleep. So there have never been any incidents before.”

While Iceland is pretty relaxed about women breastfeeding in public, the Internet wasn't so unflinching. On Reddit, the comments were incredibly positive... and pretty funny.

"I'm not sure how comfortable I am with exposing babies to politicians," wrote melchybeau.

"Dedicated to both causes. Good on her," said barnord.

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