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'As A Canadian' Memes Show Solidarity With Stressed Americans On Election Night

We're sharing a lot of gifs featuring things on fire.

As if pandemic anxiety wasn’t stomach-churning enough, presidential election day in the U.S. has given people plenty to be nervous over: With live results trickling in through the night, many are spending Nov. 3 on edge as the world waits to see if voters re-elect president Donald Trump or choose former vice president Joe Biden.

The finger-biting anticipation is especially hellish for Americans, but Canadians are definitely feeling election anxiety too.Being unable to vote has left us with little recourse but to joke about the presidential race and show solidarity with those on the other side of the border.

So many of us are freaking out that “As A Canadian” trended on Tuesday, three words that add a much-needed disclaimer to our cheeky commentary. Here’s how we’ve used the phrase:

Obviously, we’re also stress-eating

Cramming ketchup chips in our mouth as we doomscroll is a uniquely Canadian experience.

A lot of us feel like we’re watching something burn down

The visual clearly resonated with many, as flaming cars and dumpsters were shared liberally. Maybe it speaks to how we feel like helpless bystanders to an inferno that could engulf the rest of us in flames. No big deal!

And as expected, “Schitt’s Creek” references came through

The hit TV comedy “Schitt’s Creek” never fails to capture exactly how we feel, especially the always relatable David and Moira Rose. In this case: Bewildered, deeply concerned, and willing to beseech any ballot-swaying deity.

Some of us are just thankful the border is closed

Remember when “move to Canada” searches increased after the 2016 election?

Others were more neighbourly and shared self-care messages and advice with Americans ...

... And words of caution.

Naturally, the trending phrase wasn’t without its critics

Whatever the outcome, fingers crossed that both countries’ residents get a freaking break after all this is over.

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