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Using A Vibrator: 10 Things To Know Before Buying Your Own

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Female holding Dildo vibrator
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Female holding Dildo vibrator

Walking into a sex shop and asking for the latest and trendiest vibrator can be a little intimidating, but if you go in well equipped with research and confidence, you're one step closer to the big O.

If you're looking for a new ways to increase pleasure both solo or with your partner, a vibrator is an easy way to find out what turns you on the most.

"A healthy, happy and satisfied sex life leads to more fulfilled relationships. Vibrators add more than just extra stimulation they also bring an element of adventure and intrigue that you and your partner can bond over," says sex toy expert and global passion ambassador Tristan Weedmark of We-Vibe. "They can help open the lines of communication with your partner when it comes to sex, the conversation starts with introducing a vibrator and can evolve into working together to get the most out of your sexual relationship."

And when it comes to choosing a vibrator, there really is no "perfect time" in your relationship. Talk to your partner first if you want to explore this route and figure out when you're both ready to try something new.

"Some relationships start with the use of vibrators while others need to grow before the conversation happens," she says.

Others might also feel uncomfortable, especially women, who may fear a vibrator can be threatening to their male partner. However, as one survey from LiveScience notes, most people feel positive about women using vibrators, and men aren't threatened at all. The survey, which was conducted by Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion, also found that women who feel better about their bodies and sex in general, are more likely to use vibrators.

But where do you start? Check out Weedmark's top tips on how to shop for a vibrator for one or two.

Tips On Buying Your Own Vibrator
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