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Valentine's Day Gifts For Him: 25 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

25 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Men

We never want to see boxed chocolates and fuzzy bears again.

With Valentine's Day known as the official day of love (though we'd like to add that every day should be the day of love), why not get the man in your life something he could use for the rest of the year? Sure, red roses and heart-shaped truffles are cute, but beer kits, burger makers and Wi-Fi cameras sound much better.

In 2012, Canadians spent an average of $126 on Valentine's Day, on everything from jewelery, wine and chocolates, according to Statistics Canada.

Another survey found that 50 per cent of men thought a romantic weekend away would be the perfect way to celebrate love, according to

But if you're not ready to blow cash on a February vacation, one-fifth of polled men said they wanted tickets to a big game, while 70 per cent of them just wanted sex.

And as much as we encourage healthy behaviours like sex, this Valentine's Day could be the time to move away from the clichés and try gifts that both of you can find use for.

Here are 25 gift ideas that have nothing to do with hearts or flowers:

For The Guy Who Likes Looking Sharp

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him

For The Guy Who Likes Looking Sharp:

WE ♥: It's the new era for the love note. These collar stays come in fun messages like, 'you have a big heart' to more adult ones like 'that tie will be useful.' Hidden Messages Collar Stays, available at, $40

For The Guy Who Likes To Smell Good:

WE ♥: Keep the man in your life smelling fresh with this eco-friendly shaving kit, which includes beer-scented soap. Cigar Box Shaving Kit, available on Etsy, $42

For The Guy With Fancy Tastes:

WE ♥: The Mantry is a man's answer to a pantry — just with more delicious finds. The membership-based site sends you six to eight artisan and craft foods a month. Memberships start at $75

For The Guy Who Loves His Glass Of Wine:

WE ♥: This crystal decanter is perfect for anyone who loves a good post-work drink — or just a fancy piece of décor in their house.Nambe Tilt 3-Piece Decanter Set, available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, $200

For The Guy Who Likes Mixing His Own Music:

WE ♥: If you're tired of hearing your partner's taste in music, give him his own space in which to experiment. These small-sized docks not only change colour, but you can also customize colours and songs as different clock modes. iHome Colour-Changing Alarm Clock Speaker, available at Best Buy, $48

For The Guy Who Misses Summer:

WE ♥: Miss the warm weather? So do we. If the man in your life misses everything about shorts, BBQs and riding his bike, treat him to this burger maker that lets you add your own fillings. Mmm ... bacon-stuffed burger. Stuffed Hamburger Press, available at Williams-Sonoma, $15

For The Guy Who Likes A Challenge:

WE ♥: For the guy who isn't challenged enough — or has a serious obsession with video games, the Wii U includes a touch screen controller and interactive games. Nintendo Wii U, available at Future Shop, $350

For The Guy Who Doesn't Like To Get Used To Tech:

WE ♥: Face it, some men don't like change. If the man in your life doesn't want the latest smartphone or fancy gadget, melt his heart with this retro phone receiver. Retro Phone Receiver, available at Urban Outfitters, $28

For The Guy Who Thinks He Knows Everything About Beer:

WE ♥: It's fair to say most men think they know everything about beer. To keep him busy for the rest of the year, let him make his own! Beer Making Kit, available at Chapters/Indigo, $50

For The Guy Who Missed Hockey ... A Little Too Much:

WE ♥: Maybe the hockey lover in your life shed a tear during this NHL lockout, but we already know how excited he is about the return of the sport. At least this gift will ensure hockey will never leave him — unless it's in the laundry. College Concepts Montreal Canadiens, available at the NHL store, $18

For The Guy Who Loves His Tablet:

WE ♥: If he loves his tablet, he'll want to protect the goods. This leather case from Coach will also keep him trendy (and there's a whole slew of colours to choose from). Bleecker Leather iPad Case, available at Coach, $198

For The Proud Nerd:

WE ♥: This R2-D2 fold-up chair will make anyone on your list feel like a kid again. Star Wars R2-D2 Folding Armchair, available at, $40

For The Guy Who Says He Likes To Work Out:

WE ♥: This band claims to track your burned calories and steps — ideal for the guy who is always on the run or the guy who's started his new year on a healthy note. Nike FuelBand, available at Nike, $150

For The Guy Who Needs A Break:

WE ♥: It's a two-in-one: A little something for you and a little something for him. The Lelo pleasure set includes a couples' vibrator, feather teaser and blindfold. Indulge Me Pleasure Set, available at the Stag Shop, $114

For The Proud Canuck:

WE ♥: Even though Canada Day is seven months away, this bag lets anyone keep a bit of patriotism around all the time. CBC Radio Canada Mobile Recording Shoulder Bag, available at Chapter's/Indigo, $40

For The Movie Buff:

WE ♥: At one point or another, most of us wanted to be some type of action star or superhero. If the man in your life loves movies, this collector's set includes all 21 James Bond films to indulge in his spy fantasies. James Bond Ultimate Collector's Set, available on, from $150

For The Guy Who Needs Help In The Décor Department:

WE ♥: Ugly shower curtains, your time is up. This fun (and kind of creepy) black and white curtain features 30 faces with awesome facial hair. Mustache Shower Curtain, available at Urban Outfitters, $24

The Guy Who Likes To Document His Life:

WE ♥: Maybe he's into photography or just likes taking photos of himself. Nikon's new Coolpix camera features smartphone-like abilities, including an option to email your photos to your friends (so cool) and a built-in GPS system. Coolpix S800c, available at Black's Photography, $280

For The Guy Who Loves Baseball (In Toronto Or Nearby):

WE ♥: The bad news is, Canada has one official baseball team in the MLB, but the good news is, the Toronto Blue Jays have an exciting season coming up. If the guy in your life is a fan of baseball, or just wants a night out in Toronto, Blue Jays tickets are a great idea. But get on it — the first few games are almost sold out. Blue Jays Season Tickets, available at, prices depend on date

The Guy Who Loves The Idea Of A Home Bar:

WE ♥: These personalized pint glasses look good in any home bar — or kitchen cabinet. Monogrammed Pint Glass, available at Williams-Sonoma, $51 to $59

For The Guy Who Likes To Stay Organized:

WE ♥: Even Gandalf would approve. This limited edition Hobbit-themed Moleskine notebook is the perfect way to stay on top of your notes, doodles and lists in 2013. Bonus: it includes a map of Wilderland. Moleskine, available at Chapters/Indigo, $30

For The Guy Who Loves Football...A Little Too Much:

WE ♥: Every touchdown, every play and every win wrapped up in a 45-hour action-packed DVD set. Warning, he may love you a little too much after this one. NFL Super Bowl Collection, available at, $91

For The New Cook:

WE ♥: Let's get cooking. The 4-Hour Chef isn't just a cookbook, it's a collection of secrets from the world's greatest chefs and tips on how to become a fast learner in almost anything. The 4-Hour Chef, available at Indigo/Chapters, $27

For The Man Who Speaks The Language Of Love:

WE ♥: Here's another one you can use together: The Rosetta Stone language kit lets you and your partner learn basic vocabulary and communication skills, along with basic sentence structure. Also, feel free to use your imagination (and internet connection) — we can't promise any dirty words are included. Rosetta Stone Spanish, available at Chapters/Indigo, $500

For The Guy Who Loves The Gym:

WE ♥: Every guy needs their own personal space. This gym bag is equipped with a mat holder, a compartment for sweaty clothes and exterior pockets. Training Duffel, available at Lululemon, $108

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