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Valentine's Day Ideas: 10 Things To Do That Don't Involve Going Out For Dinner

10 Alternatives To A Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner
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Your ideal Valentine's Day could include a nice gift, a fancy dinner and a lot of sex, but what if we told you to skip the first two?

Sure, gifts are nice and eating a fancy meal is always fulfilling, but this year, opt out of the typical go-to Valentine's Day activities and try something new for a change. Food delivery service is teaming up with an eclectic cast of bloggers, sexperts and sexual health advocates for a webcast series called 13 Spicy Nights, to come up with alternatives ways to spend your V-Day.

From trying new dirty things like going to a strip show or attending a sexual health workshop, V-Day should be about two people exploring and having fun. Oh, and for dinner, we suggest recreating some of your favourite dishes at home.

Below are 10 alternative V-Day activities for Feb. 14.

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