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15 Sweet And Savoury Valentine's Day Recipes Kids Can Make

Heart-shaped pancakes are just the start.
No kid will be able to refuse making a Valentine's Day dessert.
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No kid will be able to refuse making a Valentine's Day dessert.

Realistic romantic ideas and last-minute gifts for Valentine’s Day may be on the minds of parents, but kids are more likely to associate Feb. 14 with happy tastebuds over full hearts. They’re practically celebrating a second Halloween when you account for all the chocolates and candies they’ll be stuffing their faces with.

But you don’t have to resort to store-bought goods for their holiday fix: resourceful parent bloggers have concocted sweet treats and savoury meals that kids will adore making with you.

You’ll have helping hands in a heartbeat with these recipes.

1. Marshmallow butterflies

Does your kid have butterflies in their stomach? Settle their nerves and get them a fun treat to give their schoolyard crush with this creative recipe.

2. Simple heart-filled lunches

If you already own heart-shaped cookie cutters and gadgets, kids will love making their mark (literally) on their lunches. Blogger Lisa Storms uses hers to cut hearts into sandwiches, pancakes, and more.

Get the recipes: Lisa Storms

3. Apple sandwiches that cut to the core

Parents will need to core a whole apple for this healthy snack. After that step, kids can assemble their own sandwiches with nut butter, granola, and chocolate chips.

Get the recipe: Happy Together

4. Emoji pancakes

Who says you can’t play with your food? A new take on the classic heart-shaped pancakes, kids can draw their favourite emoji expressions with edible black marker once parents cook mini-pancakes.

Get the recipe: Hello, Wonderful

5. Cupid’s arrows

Thanks to your nifty knifework, kids can skewer to their heart’s content for these fruit arrows.

Get the recipe: Bonbon Break

6. Chocolate lollipops

After you temper chocolate, kids can pour the delicious sauce into moulds (and probably indulge in a bit of bowl-and-spoon-licking).

Get the recipe: Shutterbean

7. Cinnamon roll hearts

Ready-made pizza dough is the secret ingredient for these rolls. Grown-ups can handle the measuring duties, while small hands can focus on sprinkling cinammon sugar and folding hearts together.

Get the recipe: Tip Buzz

8. Strawberry-filled love notes

Kids will covet filling and stamping duties for this dessert recipe you’ll get out of the oven in 15 minutes.

Get the recipe: Delish

9. Chocolate-covered crispy rice treats

If parents take charge of making the crispy rice hearts on the stovetop, kids can microwave the icing and add their artistic flair to their treats for this simple recipe.

Get the recipe: Eighteen 25

10. Candy-melted Oreos

Not only are these festive Oreos easy to make, they make great bagged gifts for neighbours and classmates.

Get the recipe: Happy Brown House

11. Cupid’s crunch

Gearing up for a movie marathon? Have something seasonally-themed to graze on with this sweet and salty no-bake snack.

Get the recipe: Pudge Factor

12. Kid-friendly sparkling punch

No alcohol necessary for this show-stopping punch; it’s brimming with frozen fruits, raspberry sherbert, and a kick of ginger ale.

Get the recipe: Passion for Savings

13. Heart-shaped pizzas

Pizza is everyone’s one true love. Make it official with this recipe for mini-pizzas. Aside from the oven-related tasks, your helper can make these bite-sized hearts from start to finish.

Get the recipe: Sarah Hearts

14. Pink hot chocolate

Cozy up with this creative warming drink, which uses pink food colouring for its sweetheart vibes.

Get the recipe: Like Honey

15. Kid-friendly spaghetti

If, like me, watching the spaghetti scene in “Lady and the Tramp” as a child was peak romance, this kid-friendly dinner will have you waxing poetic about Disney to your kids.

Get the recipe: Lil Luna

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