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Valentine's Day Gifts For Singles (You Absolutely Deserve One)

It's been a hard year to ride out solo.
Love yourself!
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Love yourself!

We’ve been social distancing for almost a year now. That’s a long time for people riding out the pandemic solo to be deprived of hugs and human touch. And now Valentine’s Day is coming up. It can be an annoying holiday at the best of times for singles, but in 2021, it may feel kind of cruel.

Skin hunger is a thing, and at this point in time, a pretty common thing. It’s the feeling that occurs when a person experiences little to no touch from other living beings, and it can have a negative impact on our wellbeing. Symptoms include anxiety, depression, insomnia and loneliness. People who are touch deprived may find themselves instinctively doing things that bring tactile comfort, like taking a long hot bath, lying under blankets or petting a dog or cat.

Those can all help: Regular touch reduces the levels of stress hormones in our bodies. And while Covid restrictions limit the options for hugs and physical contact with people outside of our bubble, self touch is absolutely on the table and a healthy way to support your mental health.

Surrounding yourself with sensual indulgences and cultivating a practice of self love ― not only on this Cupid-sanctioned holiday, but as an ongoing practice ― is going to help you get through the next few months. That and “Bridgerton,” of course.

In the slideshow below are a few suggestions for sensual Valentine’s Day goodies to gift yourself ― go ahead, it’s an act of self love.

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Self-Pleasure Gifts For Singles Who Want To Treat Themselves

Province Apothecary Lover’s Oil $32

Massage this aromatic oil into your skin after a warm soak in the tub. Luxuriating in the earthy scent of cedarwood and perfume of Rose Absolute is the perfect way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to yourself. Buy it here.

Every Body: An Honest And Open Look At Sex From Every Angle $35

Bedtime reading that covers topics from sex literacy to body acceptance to sex stories from COVID-19. This is the sexy book nerd’s Valentine’s treat that keeps on giving. Buy it here.

Wyld Skinny Dipping Sex Gel $29

Your BFF in the bedroom, if you’re having solo fun with toys, this lubricant is all-natural, latex-safe and water-based. Gentle and hydrating on our sensitive parts, it enhance those slippery sensations. Buy it here.

Tuck The Sheet Set, starting at $169

This soft set of sheets feels sensuous against bare skin, thanks to a blend of organic cotton and TENCEL Lyocell. An investment, whether you’re looking to engage in self pleasure or beauty sleep. Buy it here.

Fin Pleasure Tool $80

A versatile finger vibrator that will amp things up for solos in the sack. Tune into Consonant Skin+Care’s podcast “The More You O” for masturbation inspiration. Buy it here.

Planta Pizza Valentine’s Day Bundle $50

Saying “I love me” just got easier, now that plant-based restaurant Planta is offering nationwide home delivery. Treat yourself to this bundle (available for a limited time from Feb 7th), which includes a heart-shaped pizza, a jar of chili oil, 12 mushroom gyoza, and a two strawberry-glazed chocolate donuts. No sharing required. Buy it here.

After the Rain: Gentle Reminders For Healing, Courage, and Self-Love $28.95

Snagging a copy of “self-care storyteller” Alexandra Elle’s latest book is a beautiful way to celebrate yourself. Peppered with affirmations and meditations, this sweet read is lovely to cozy up with. Buy it here.

Lady Suite Rejuvenating Botanical Oil $62

This pretty pink oil is designed to care for the vulva: a sensitive spot that often gets overlooked. A delightful blend of jojoba, tamanu, evening primrose and carrot seed oils, it gently hydrates this delicate area. Buy it here.

For(play) Love Butter $28

All-natural vegan ingredients mean this made-in-Canada butter can be used in conjunction with bedroom toys. A self-pleasure must have, you can also smooth it into your skin to make it extra soft. Buy it here.

Bush Balm Sweet Escape Pubic Oil $36

Indulging in this oil will give you vacay feels in a big way. Sweet creamsicle vibes abound with this 100% natural blend, fragranced with tangerine and vanilla essential oils. Use it after shaving or tidying up your hair down there ― self-care treats in themselves these days ― or for all over pampering. Buy it here.

BRUNETTE the Label The “I love you” Best Friend Crew $99

While we are missing the sensations of hugs and touch, this soft sweater, by Vancouver label Brunette, gives us cuddle vibes. You can wear it with the matching jogger to wrap yourself in head to toe Valentine’s Day comfort. Buy it here.

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