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Vancouver Island Girl's SPCA Donation Goes Viral On Reddit (PHOTO)

Kid's Donation Will Melt Your Heart

"Steve Irwin has been reborn... in the form of a tiny little Canadian girl," is how one Reddit user described a Vancouver Island girl's donation to an animal shelter.

Mother Brianne Jones posted two photos to the popular social news website Thursday night teased with:

"My daughter asked me if she could sell her stuffed animals and donate the money to our local SPCA. Of course I let her."

One photo was of a child's handwritten card with $40 enclosed, the other of her daughter Kiana with a big smile standing in a room full of bunnies. Inside, the card read:

"I sold my stuffed animals, so real animals can get better care. I got $40 bucks for you!"

Within five hours, the post shot straight to the website's front page with over 2,000 upvotes.

Users praised Kiana's big heart with cheeky "typical Canadian" comments.

"Darn it. Everything I heard about Canada is true. You guys really are too kind," wrote Reddit user atransformerr.

"She also donated her birthday money to Earth Rangers for endangered animals," wrote Jones of her daughter's determination to help critters of all shapes and sizes.

"She really wants to save all the animals. She has a good heart."

Kiana's generosity towards the B.C. SPCA isn't an isolated incident. Children from all over the province have held lemonade fundraisers and donated their birthday money to help their local shelters as well.

Check out these kids who also donated their dollars to the SPCA:

Kids Who Support B.C. SPCA

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