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Very Canadian Hockey-Themed Wedding Is A Joy To Behold

It's Not A Canadian Wedding Unless There's A Hockey-Themed Cake
Will Pursell Photography

What Canadian couple hasn't fallen a little a more in love during a hockey game?

For Rocio Venida and Chris Phillips, it was Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver Canucks faceoff that did them in. The couple, who were both living in Toronto at the time, went on a date to a game, and when Toronto-born Phillips started cheering for Rocio's Canucks, she was smitten.

“I knew I was in love,” she told

The couple got engaged after two years, while on a trip to the Philippines, where Rocio was born. They decided to hold their wedding in Vancouver at the gorgeous Fairmont Pacific Rim, and moved to the city permanently shortly after.

But as they planned their wedding, they didn't forget that first date, topping off their otherwise very elegant celebration with a hockey puck-themed cake.

They also incorporated plenty of other personalized elements, like table settings that showcased the places they'd travelled and wedding photos from their own families.

Take a look at how Rocio and Phillips combined plenty of fun, intimate touches with a polished, stylized wedding in these stunning pictures by Will Pursell Photography below:

Stunning Canadian Wedding

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