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Vic Toews Suggests Justin Trudeau, Liberals Behind Vikileaks Twitter Account


"I see @AdamGCarroll is back at #LPC after crocodile tear apology from @bobraeMP. @justinpjtrudeau & #LPC must come clean on who knew what," Toews posted Thursday.

This isn't the first time Toews has suggested Trudeau and the Liberals were involved with Vikileaks.

Soon after interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae rose in the House and admitted Carroll was behind the account, Toews began to question Trudeau on Twitter about what he knew and when. Trudeau was among the first to begin tweeting about Vikileaks and was instrumental in spreading the word about the posts.

Trudeau later apologized for his involvement. "Appalled to find out Vikileaks came from us Liberals. Yes, I tweeted about it, but I did not endorse it. Personal attacks are always wrong," the MP for Papineau tweeted in February. Trudeau has steadfastly denied that he knew Carroll was responsible for the account.

But Toews' staff had their eyes on Trudeau's involvement from the very beginning, flagging some of his tweets while the scandal was still unfolding, according to the National Post.

Carroll admitted during testimony before a House ethics committee that he got Toews' divorce records, which are publicly available, from a filing cabinet in the Liberal Party's research office. So there is little doubt Carroll was not the only Liberal aware of the information.

No proof, however, has emerged that any other Liberals knew Carroll was responsible for posting the information.

Toews didn't stop at suggesting Trudeau and the Grits knew more than they are letting on. The minister continued his Twitter tirade by asking when Rae and the party intend to pay back the "inappropriate use of HoC resources," referring to Carroll's salary. "Blatant disrespect for taxpayer $$$," Toews continued.

Rae and Trudeau did not respond to Toews' posts on Twitter. In the past, Trudeau has been quick to answer Toews' accusations, but with the possibility of a run for the party's permanent leadership looming, he may be choosing to stay above the fray.

Trudeau and the Liberals do have an obvious counter argument available to them.

Jason Kenney staffer Kasra Nejatian resigned in 2011, then was rehired three months later, after mailing a fundraising letter on ministerial letterhead, a violation of ethics rules.

Nejatian, like Carroll, claimed he acted alone.

Kenney survived that scandal mostly unscathed and, barring some unexpected revelation, it seems likely Trudeau will do the same. Then again, as the Vikileaks affair illustrated, Ottawa can be full of surprises.


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