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Walmart Canada: Visa Cards Won't Be Accepted In Canadian Stores

The two companies have been feuding for years.

Starting next month, Canadians won't be able to shop with their Visa cards at Walmart.

The phase-out will begin July 18 at three stores in Thunder Bay.

“After Thunder Bay, it’ll be a phased approach across the country. It’s limited to Canada,” a Wal-Mart spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal.

Walmart Canada will no longer accept Visa cards starting next month. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The company told Global News the fees associated with Visa are "unjustifiably high."

“We sincerely regret the impact this will have on our customers that use Visa and remain fully committed to reaching an agreement with Visa," Alex Roberton said.

Visa told WSJ the move will have a "negative impact" on Canadian shoppers.

Visa and Walmart have been feuding for years. (Photo: Getty Images)

“We are disappointed that Wal-Mart chose to put their own financial interests ahead of their own consumers’ choice," the company said.

Visa says it offered Walmart one of the lowest fees available to any merchant in the country, according to CP24.

The two companies have been feuding for years. Walmart sued Visa over swipe fees in New York in 2014, alleging that "Visa's monopoly power has enabled it to dictate price and inhibit competition."

Walmart again sued Visa earlier this year, alleging the company is trying to increase profits by using less-secure methods for debit card verification.

Walmart stores in Canada will still accept debit, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express, and good old-fashioned cash.

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