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Wedding Costs In Canada Are More Than Anyone Expects

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Couples tend to get a lot of advice before they get married, so let us dole some out ourselves: save. According to two recent Canadian surveys, couples might think they'll be spending $15,000 on their nuptials, but the reality looks more like over $31,000.

In a study released today, BMO asked couples how much money they plan towards their future weddings and honeymoons, as well as how many guests they expected at the event. The nationwide average was $14,761 and 100 guests.

However, in a recent survey from Weddingbells looking at the first few months of 2014, the magazine found couples spent, on average, $23,048, on their events. Add in the engagement ring and honeymoon, however, and that skyrockets up to $31,685.

According to a similar study out of the in the U.S., weddings in 2013 cost an average of $29,858 (with variances for location, of course), reports CNN.

So what is the difference between the planning stages and the reality of the event? According to Bridal Guide, there are many hidden costs couples forget to factor in, including everything from the marriage license to out-of-towners' guest baskets to the cake cutting fee (yes, this is a thing).

BMO's study also shows this won't be a complete shock to all Canadians — almost 40 per cent feel they will not be able to afford their ideal wedding, and look to other sources of funding, like parents and stag and doe parties (for 13 per cent and five per cent of the total cost, respectively).

As well, the expectations vary widely across the country. In Quebec, for example, weddings cost the least, with couples intending to spend $8,448 for 77 guests. The Prairies were at the opposite end of the spectrum at $27,239 for 135 guests, reports BMO.

Last year, Weddingbells' survey (which found weddings were, on average, $673 more than in 2014) broke down the expected costs for the particulars of the event. Check them out below, and tell us — did you spend more or less on your wedding than you expected?

Engagement Ring

Wedding Costs 2014

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