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This Meal Plan For The Week Has 6 Easy Dinner Recipes Kids Will Love

Meatless Monday, Turkey Tuesday, Friday pizza ... we got you.
These six dinner recipes are kid-friendly.
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These six dinner recipes are kid-friendly.

Remember when weekends used to be for sleeping in, lazy brunches, and reading the newspaper?

Yeah. It seems so long ago we can't really remember those days, either. When you have kids, your weekends are consumed by the joy and chaos of parenting. And in between swimming lessons, birthday parties and surprise visits from grandma, you also need to figure out what you're going to feed those kids of yours when the week starts up again.

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Getting dinner on the table each day can be a huge challenge for a lot of parents. You need to be quick, you need to plan ahead, you want to serve them healthy meals, and you're probably dealing with some pickier tastebuds than your own.

Well, don't worry. We did the hard part for you.

Below are six kid-friendly dinner recipes that parents will also enjoy eating, are fairly healthy, and are quick and easy to make.

Have a great week!

1. Sunday: garlic-butter baked chicken thighs

What is it about Sundays that make us want to use the oven? This delicious recipe for baked chicken thighs on potatoes is simple, but so flavourful. It's ready in just 50 minutes! Serve it with a salad, and you have a perfect family meal.

Get the recipe:Delish

2. Meatless Monday: Creamy tomato tortellini soup

Our favourite part about this soup is it uses pre-made tortellini. You're speaking our love language! It's cheesy, creamy, warm, and the perfect way top start the week. It's stove-to-bowl in about 45 minutes.

Get the recipe:Gal On A Mission

3. Turkey Tuesday: Slow-cooker Mexican stuffed peppers

This recipe combines the two best parts about Tuesday: turkey and tacos (well ... kind of. It has Mexican flavours, anyway). This one-pot meal uses lean ground turkey, black beans, brown rice, salsa, and reduced-fat cheese, so it's good for you, too.

4. Wednesday: Sausage, apple and sweet-potato bake

Most kids love sausages, and even the pickiest eater should find something to enjoy in this one-pan sausage bake. It's ready in 45 minutes. Serve it in a big dish on the table and let your kids pick and choose!

Get the recipe: My Kids Lick The Bowl

5. Thursday: Homemade fish sticks

Get the recipe: Killing Thyme

Fact: kids love dunking fish sticks in ketchup, and let's be honest, so do adults. These crispy homemade fish sticks are baked in panko crumbs and ready in just 25 minutes.

6. Friday: Mini pita pizzas

Pizza night is THE BEST. It gives the kids something to look forward to all week, and it's easy for you to make when you're so tired from a week of work/parenting/life that you're just counting the minutes to bedtime. All you need are mini pitas, toppings (which you can organize in muffin trays to keep the mess under control) and 15 minutes.

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