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Weight Lost: A New Friend And An Amazing Boot Camp Helped Sindhu Lose 51 Pounds

A New Friend And An Amazing Boot Camp Helped Sindhu Lose Over 50 Pounds
Sindhu Suppiah

Who: Sindhu Suppiah, financial analyst

Age: 26

City: Markham, Ont.

Heaviest weight: 210 pounds

Current weight: 159 pounds

Total weight lost: 51 pounds

What was your weight like growing up as a kid?

Usually on the heavier side

When and how did the weight gain start?

I have always been "curvy", but not necessarily overweight per se. After my first year of university, the stress set in and I gained close to 40 pounds within four years. Although I was active, my activity was never goal-oriented.

Did you try any diets at that point?

As I was gaining the weight, I did not realize the detriment it was doing to my body. I was not dieting or concerned about my physical health.


Do you have any anecdotes or stories when you knew you had to change your life around?

I met someone about a year ago who really lit a fire within me to become the best version of myself. He was motivating and supportive, and I wanted to prove to both him and myself that I was capable of being that person he saw within me. In January 2014 we both decided to start a weight loss plan. We used the app "My Fitness Pal" and tracked our caloric intake together. We worked out together and decided we would run a 10k together in April 2014.

When was the 'final straw'?

I decided in August 2013 that I needed to be living life for me. Be it with my weight, personal goals, or relationships, the only person who really mattered was ME. While I was looking to change numerous areas in my life, changing my body had been a lifelong struggle, and I was sick and tired of being unsuccessful.

Why did you decide to drop the weight?

I wanted to be the best version of myself. I wanted to be in a meaningful relationship, and I realized you can't expect someone else to love you, if you don't love yourself. I needed to feel pride and confidence in myself so I should I meet that special person, I could offer myself completely to them without regard of my personal insecurities.

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