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Weight Lost: How This Winnipeg Man Dropped 204 Pounds For His Health And Kids

"I realized that I was no longer living a life of my choosing."

Who: Christopher Gair

Occupation: Corrections Officer

City: Winnipeg

Age: 29

By The Numbers: 416 pounds at my heaviest, currently at 212 pounds (pre-skin surgery), for a total weight loss of 204 pounds.

The Weight Gain: My weight gain started much like everyone else suffering with weight: a diet filled with just one more pop, one more slice of pizza, one more piece of cake, weight loss shakes, and endless attempts at dieting. If it tasted good, then I felt good and I was happy.

Chris in 2005.

In 2005, I was almost a man. Having graduated high school, I was faced with my future. My uncle, a man I hold in the highest of regard, was dying of cancer. The healthiest, most physically fit mentor in my life was a gymnast, an athlete and a smoker. I was met face-to-face with my own mortality, albeit a different means to my end, what he sought in tobacco, I found in food.

"I’ve made sacrifices TO my health, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, now it’s time to make sacrifices FOR my health."

This was my first attempt to change. A gym membership was purchased, diet plans established, results were made, but I was still me. My uncle was proud of my hard work and dedication. I was on my way to making my change. He died, knowing I was changing my body, but I didn’t change my mentality.

Making every excuse for myself, it was all back. My dad was now diagnosed with cancer. I made efforts to make him proud, all met with failure. It’s still upsetting to me knowing that he was proud of me for my efforts to change. He too died amidst my personal failures to live a healthier lifestyle. With the death of my close family members, I experienced a decade of physical decline.

Final Straw: My doctor told me I wouldn't see my late thirties if I kept up the way I was.

Fatherhood was my next catalyst for change; I had hit my rock bottom physically, but my highest high emotionally. My son was born in April 2013. I suddenly realized that I was no longer living a life of my choosing, it had to be a new life of selflessness, mentoring, parenting... fatherhood.

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