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Weight Lost: Woman Slims Down To 149 Pounds

How This Woman Slimmed Down To 149 Pounds In Just 5 Months
Kavita Karina

WHO: Kavita Karia

AGE: 37

CITY: Vaughan, Ont.

By The Numbers: 191 at my heaviest, and currently 149, total weight loss of 43 pounds

The Weight Gain: I started gaining weight since I was eight and I was always fat growing up. Since childhood I've been on a yo-yo of different diets — none of them worked.

The Final Straw: I was desperate to lose weight and just needed someone to help me do it. My final straw happened when I topped the scale at over 190 pounds. I was so ashamed of myself. None of my clothes fit me and I looked like a big fat balloon.

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