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The Westboro Baptist Church Just Can't Hate Ireland Correctly

The church has been hating for so long, it's like they've forgotten how to do it!

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has been hating on people for so long, it seems that some members have forgotten how to do it properly.

The intolerant church predictably organized protests against Ireland's vote to legalize gay marriage. But social media posts show that the church made some pretty clumsy attempts to oppose it.

This Vine, for example, shows a protester who can't seem to figure out how to display the Irish flag.

As the kid points out, the flag displayed on a sign is actually that of the Ivory Coast. But the man insists that this is the only way to show a nation in distress.

Flying the U.S. flag upside down is a signal of "dire distress," and is only supposed to be displayed in "instances of extreme danger to life or property," according to U.S. Government Publishing Office.

But displaying the Irish flag upside down would only show the same colours. So instead, the church tried reversing it ... and said the Ivory Coast has a "f** flag" as a result.

It's not the first time that the church has flubbed up a protest.

In 2013, approximately five WBC members tried to mount a demonstration in Bozeman, Mont. after Montana State University and a high school committed to teaching students that it's OK to be gay.

Instead, the church sparked a counter-demonstration that drew hundreds, and effectively blocked out any view of their own.

The WBC loves to tell people what they feel is God's word. But we think a stronger statement was made in Dublin on the day that the Irish voted in favour of gay marriage:

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