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WestJet Kargo Kids: April Fools Joke Promising Child-Free Flights Goes Viral

Call it the April Fools joke some of us secretly wish were true.

Calgary-based airline WestJet scored a big online hit this past weekend when it announced “Kargo Kids,” a new program that finally provides the child-free flights many frequent fliers have been dreaming of for years.

This “exciting new program” sees kids carted off on a “travel toboggan” to a “special VIP area” of the plane, while adults fly hassle-free in the main passenger area.

Of course, the “travel toboggan” is a blue bin that whisks your kids away on the luggage conveyor, and the “special VIP” area is the plane’s cargo hold.

“We’ve heard from many of our guests that they’re tired of kids screaming and running up and down the aisle and are looking for some peace and quiet,” Richard Bartrem, the airline’s VP of communications, says in the spoof ad released Sunday.

With Kargo Kids, “your child will be whisked away on a magic carpet ride, and your work is done. Meanwhile, our WestJetters are hard at work. Your child’s toboggan will arrive safely with the luggage and other kids who will be boarding that flight.”

Bartrem notes that each flight will provide a “Kargo Kids counsellor,” presumably to deal with the shock of being sent into the cargo hold.

“With plenty of toys and a state-of-the-art feed trough, your kids will be able to run, play, scream and eat all they want, while you enjoy your flight in peace and quiet,” Bertram says.

The ad ends with a kid declaring, “April Fools!”

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