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'What Does The Duff Say?' Will Haunt Your Dreams (AUDIO)

LISTEN: 'What Does The Duff Say?'


Because the Senate scandal isn't quite strange enough, a Prince Edward Island radio show has remixed some of Senator Mike Duffy's words in the upper chamber last week with that song you can't get out of your head.

Yes, the good folks at The Morning Hot Tub on Hot 105.5 have combined a few choice Duffy quotes with Ylvis' "What Does The Fox Say?" to create — you guessed it —"What Does The Duff Say?"

Sample lyrics:

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Pay the money back .

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

End of discussion.

Listen below, if you dare.

Duffy's two big speeches in the upper chamber, in which he alleged the $90,000 cheque was all part of a "monstrous political scheme" cooked up by the Prime Minister’s Office, have caused all kinds of trouble for Tories in advance of their convention in Calgary this weekend.

A recent poll suggests more Canadians believe Duffy's version of events than Prime Minister Stephen Harper's story that his former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, acted alone in making the deal.

Say what you will about ole Duff, but the man knows how to get people talking.

Perhaps that's why consultant and HuffPost Canada blogger Gerry Nicholls believes the embattled senator is now "the Miley Cyrus of Canadian politics."

"You might not like what you see but you can’t look away," Nicholls told CBC's Anna Maria Tremonti Wednesday.

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