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What Facebook Statuses Would Say If We Were Honest About Mental Health

What Facebook Statuses Would Look Like If We Were Honest About Mental Health
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One of the biggest problems facing those who struggle with mental health is the feeling that they are alone. But if the outpouring of articles and interest following Robin William's suicide is evidence of anything, it's that literally millions of people are experiencing depression every day — they're just doing it quietly.

It's been shown that honesty can benefit your mental and physical health, reported Psych Central, leading to the alternate conclusion that lying — whether it's about how you're feeling or why you're late — can make you feel worse.

With that in mind, we asked some of our bloggers who cover mental health to send us their honest Facebook statuses (and have now updated this with readers' responses as well). They range from worries about others' judgments to suicidal thoughts, showing us once again how much we're missing when we only show our happy faces to the public.

Here are some of their statuses, but we want to hear more. Email them to us at, or tweet them to us at #HonestFB to keep the conversation going.

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