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What Is Your Skin Trying To Tell You?

The skin is your largest organ and critical to your overall health and wellness. Not only does it give you your sense of touch, your skin also protects you from harmful germs and infections. If your skin is suddenly itchy, red or dry, it’s up to you to understand why. In partnership with Eucerin Complete Repair™, here are the different skin conditions to be mindful of and effective solutions to moisturize your skin.

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If you have dry skin

When skin loses moisture, it begins to look tight and rough. Dry skin around the cheeks and eyes can feel uncomfortable and may lead to aging. Dryness can also be found around the shins, elbows and feet as these areas contain less sebum glands to lubricate the skin. To lock in moisture and relieve dryness, apply Eucerin Complete Repair™ Moisturizing Lotion on a daily basis.

If you have sensitive skin

If you notice your skin turns red after a hot shower, or becomes itchy when in contact with synthetic fabric and fragrances, it might be due to sensitive skin. When choosing cleansers and other skincare products, look for something that’s gentle and fragrance-free like Eucerin Complete Repair™ Cleanser. The pH balanced formula prevents skin from drying out after you shower, keeping skin soft and moisturized all day long.

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If you have red, itchy skin

Atopic dermatitis, a.k.a. eczema, is a chronic condition that makes your skin red, itchy and inflamed. There’s no definitive cure for this ailment, but controlling factors in the environment is one way to help minimize flare-ups.

To minimize any scratching that could be detrimental to the skin, apply Eucerin Eczema Relief Flare-Up Treatment directly on the troubled area. The colloidal oatmeal and ceramide 3 ingredients instantly soothe irritated skin with a mild, cooling sensation while replenishing the skin’s natural moisture.

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If you have rough, cracked skin

Skin becomes cracked when the dryness moves into the deeper layers of the skin, leaving you feeling very irritated. If not handled right away, the skin can become brittle, eventually cracking in areas like the knuckles or the soles of your feet. To alleviate the signs of dry, cracked skin, gently apply Eucerin Complete Repair™ Foot Cream every morning and night for smoother, softer skin.

Despite the change in temperature outside, there are ways to relieve dry skin including the Eucerin Complete Repair™ collection.

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