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What It's Like To Be A Rogers Customer, South Park Edition (VIDEO)

WATCH: What It's Really Like To Be A Rogers Customer

That experience has now been ruthlessly parodied in a video edit of a scene from the new South Park episode.

UPDATE: The hilarious Rogers South Park parody has been removed from Vimeo. Luckily, you can still see the Time Warner Cable version on YouTube here. Just replace the Time Warner logo with the Rogers logo.

The episode took aim at Time Warner Cable in the U.S., but a clever Vimeo user edited in the Rogers logo after a frustrating service outage.

And the poster isn't even a Rogers customer.

"After experiencing over 4 days downtime cable access this is how it feels living in Canada when one of the big three deliberately tries to stop indie ISPs," writes video uploader Anon.

Anon isn't alone.

There have been a number of reports that Rogers and other major cable and internet service providers deliberately give slower service to customers of independent ISPs such as TekSavvy. On other occasions, TekSavvy users have reported that their internet has gone down completely for days or weeks, something TekSavvy blames on the major ISPs it buys bandwidth from.

According to Rogers, "TekSavvy under forecasted their support needs and service queues were overwhelmed with high volumes. In response, Rogers added staff to clear the backlog. Levels are now back to normal."

A recent CBC report told the story of a group of roommates who had been happily using TekSavvy for three years before experiencing more than two weeks without service . When they called Rogers to find out what was going on, they were promptly offered the same deal they had with TekSavvy and given a promise of to be connected within one day.

They immediately switched.

Do you have a horror story about the service you've received from Rogers or another major telecom company? Check out other people's worst experiences in the slideshow below and share your own in the comments.

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