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When Is Diwali In 2015, And 27 Recipes To Make For It

One of the best parts of Diwali is all the sweet, sweet food.

Diwali is on Nov. 11 this year, and for anyone who is cooking up a storm this weekend for a party or family dinner, here's some sweet and savoury inspiration.

The holiday, which is the Hindu festival of lights inspired by the philosophy of good conquering evil, is celebrated by people all over the world and by smaller South Asian religions as well. And in true holiday style, celebrating Diwali is also about happiness and good fortune, so around this time of the year, many people also clean their homes and gather with family.

But probably one of the most delicious parts of Diwali has to be the mithais (sweets) and savoury snacks. The desserts are often made with flour, sugar and milk-based ingredients, while Diwali snacks are made with chickpea flour or deep-fried and served as appetizers. For sweets, people also tend to make a bunch to last through the rest of the year.

From kheer to coconut ladoos to all kinds of pakoras, check out 27 of our favourite sweet and snack recipes for Diwali below. Let us know, what are you making this holiday season in the comments below.

Dry Fruit Burfi Recipe with Gulkand

27 Sweet And Savoury Diwali Recipes

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