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Tux, Tirol, Austria
Mike Timo via Getty Images
Tux, Tirol, Austria

The commute to work is frigid and terrible, shovelling snow is your least favourite sport, and by now, you're pretty much fed up with all things winter. But there's good news for the Great White North: we're officially one month away from spring.

Twenty-nine days, to be exact. The first day of spring — or the Spring Equinox — is on March 20, 2015. Not only does this mark an official end to winter (because, seriously we've had a horrific one), but it also welcomes warmer weather and those pretty little things called flowers we've missed for the last few months.

According to, the equinox in the Northern Hemisphere will begin at 5:45 p.m. (EST) and 2:45 p.m. (PST).

To help you get over the winter blues (for good) and to make way for our favourite season, here are some of the best things about spring:

Where have you been?

Cue Netflix binge


And for the rest of Canada, more outdoor sports in general

Goodbye winter!

Drinking indoors = kind of entertaining

Drinking outdoors = completely amazing

And do some spring cleaning if you're up for it

There will be grass again

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