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Where To Find Reusable Face Masks For Sale In Canada

These non-medical facewear options are made by hand.

Face masks that are lightweight enough for summer are in huge demand across Canada, with many seeking them to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when social distancing isn’t possible. It’s an especially important accessory for Canadians in provinces that are in reopening stages and are choosing to go outside more; not to mention that many businesses make face mask usage mandatory in order to enter them.

While making masks at home has become a past-time for many, not everyone is handy with a sewing machine. If you’re awful at stitching and the no-sew options are daunting, it might be time to to start looking for where to find face masks for sale in Canada.

What type of handmade face mask should you buy?

When buying, you’ll want to look for masks that follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s face cloth covering guidelines.

Enjoying the summer weather for long periods of time? In order to avoid overheating, masks consisting of multiple layers of breathable fabric, like cotton, would be a good idea to stock up on. Bringing multiple masks might be wise if you think you’ll get sweaty.

You might also want to consider buying from a charitable seller. Brands like Peace Collective and Roots pair their face mask sales with donations to Canadians on the front lines.

Here are some options from major cities across Canada. Check back often, as we’ll be updating this list with sellers regularly. All sellers have stock at the time of publication, but look out for the stopwatch emoji for sellers waiting on inventory refills or only accepting pre-orders.

Considering the demand and uncertain nature of working during a pandemic, stock, price, availability and materials are subject to change. Consider contacting them directly if you have concerns about measurements or safety precautions taken when crafting. If there’s a mask seller you’d like us to feature, feel free to let us know on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts:


Elle Made Well
Features: A summer-ready collection by the Black-own business features masks made from stretchable material, making them great for exercising and enjoying the rising temperatures.
Price: $15 to $18
Shipping: Yes

Leelando Mitchell
Features: Washable masks from the notable costume designer come in several vividly stunning styles, with the option for adjustable ear straps. To meet demand, Mitchell opened a Shopify store.
Price: $10 to $40
Shipping: Yes

Sun Sun Beats
Features: Masks are made to order.
Price: $20
Shipping: Yes, for an additional $5

One Imaginary Girl
Features: Fun prints come in kid and adult sizes.
Price: Ranges from $15 to $30
Shipping: Contact the seller

Features: Queer outlet Yohomo’s recommendation of this menswear brand’s masks gained CSCS devoted fans of its one-of-a-kind designs. New prints are expected in the coming weeks.
Price: Pay-what-you-can, with a suggested donation of $10-15 per mask
Shipping: No, but deliveries within Toronto are free

EMK Clothing
Features: Three sizes and eight colours are available from the clothing brand.
Price: $15
Shipping: Free nationwide, on orders over $99

The Orange Room - Puffin Gear Shop
Features: Quirky patterns galore at this shop, including several for science lovers.
Price: $16.95
Shipping: Free on orders over $100

Features: Patterns and solid colours are available at Kat Senyk’s shop.
Price: $15
Shipping: $2 for delivery through Canada Post

Monster Muffin
Features: The roller derby apparel brand pivoted to helping those in need. Proceeds from their signature black masks go to those in need.
Price: $10, $8 to donate a mask to a charitable organization
Shipping: Yes

Turnout Points
Features: Masks are made of quilted cotton.
Contact the seller for price and shipping details.

Terra Cotta
Features: The Toronto designer takes 50 mask orders a week and donates upwards of 40 headbands.
Price: $20
Shipping: Contact the seller

The Eco Club
Features: Helmed by 11-year-old Reina Bukhari, whose label produces eco-friendly apparel.
Price: $15
Shipping: Yes

Features: The family of designers sell many fun prints, with part of the proceeds going to a local food bank.
Price: $10-25
Shipping: $10, but free for curbside pick-ups or orders over $70


Kimberly Sews
Features: This Etsy seller has rave reviews for her masks, which come in kid and teen sizes.
Price: $14 to $28
Shipping: Yes

Frank And Oak
Features: The retailer makes its masks by hand in Montreal from second-hand shirts.
Price: Masks are sold in sets of two for $24
Shipping: $10 nationwide

Features: The e-sports clothing brand sells artistic designs on their polyester facewear.
Price: $25
Shipping: Yes

EC3D Sports
Features: The sports brand sells masks in packs of two.
Price: $19 to $25
Shipping: Free nationwide, on orders over $50

Dog Hair INCluded
Features: A maker of pet accessories, the company now sells masks made of quilted cotton adorned with geeky characters and runs a donation program.
Price: $10
Shipping: Yes

Features: Colourful masks with bubbly aesthetics set this brand apart.
Price: $18-36
Shipping: Yes


Features: Both pleated and smooth options are available, at a variety of options.
Price: Ranges from $10 to $27
Shipping: Yes

Search And Rescue Denim ⏱️
Features: Available in a range of sizes, the brand will donate a mask to the front lines for every purchase.
Price: $24
Shipping: Yes

Ooh La La Apron Boutique
Features: No need to compromise style with this seller’s cheeky masks.
Price: $24.99
Shipping: $5 nationwide

AW by Andrea Wong
Features: Wong and her sewing team offer basic black, as well as stylish patterns expected of a designer who cites the Pacific Northwest as her inspiration.
Price: $20, $10 to donate a mask
Shipping: Yes, with curbside pick-up also available for locals

Oddball Workshop
Features: Hogwarts, city skylines, Pikachu, and smiling corgis are just some of the design available. Recently, they came out with multi-layer options.
Price: $18
Shipping: $3 nationwide, by mail

Coastal Reign
Features: Need wholesale options? This company offers custom prints on a variety of fabrics are available, for minimum orders of 25 masks.
Price: Varies
Shipping: Free on orders over $300

Pillar Heights
Features: Offers six designs that fit different preferences and includes a helpful FAQ; glasses wearers may appreciate the fog-resistant Tower mask.
Price: $10-20
Shipping: Contact the seller


Features: This business offers cool-toned, cotton masks that pair well with any outfit.
Price: $19 to $21
Shipping: Free over $50

Features: This independent seller adds new masks every Saturday and accepts pre-orders if a sold-out pattern strikes your fancy.
Price: $15
Shipping: Contact the seller

House of Nonie
Features: Helmed by a designer endorsed by Meghan Markle, the high-end fashion label is including a free mask in all online orders, as well as selling them separately.
Price: $33, $55 for a pack of two
Shipping: Yes


Maritime Tartan Company
Features: For those looking to rep Nova Scotia, tartans and anchor patterns from the charitable couple behind the brand will bring a smile to your face.
Price: $8
Shipping: Yes

Money Penny Designs ⏱️
Features: Cotton masks in vibrant colours.
Price: $20
Shipping: Yes

Other places

  • Whitehorse: Second-hand store Renueva has pivoted to selling face masks, as well as fabric supplies for anyone who want to make their own at home.

  • St. John’s, N.L.: Midnight Tailors sells geeky handmade face masks, with stock refills every Monday.

  • Winnipeg: Old Hat⏱️ is behind the lively patterned face coverings sold in Manitoba’s capital.

  • Newmarket, Ont.: Designs by Caralinda ships masks across North America.

  • Scarborough, Ont.: Preloved has a summer set of masks, featuring their signature heart.

  • Victoria, B.C.: House of Jimbo’s vivacious masks retail for $27; the company is donating masks to homeless individuals and street-based front-line workers in Victoria, as well as Toronto.

  • Kamloops, B.C.: Black Cat Sewing Designs keeps glasses-wearers in mind with its handcrafted mask designs.

Where can front-line workers get masks?

Thanks to initiatives across the country, front-line workers are able to get handmade masks for free.

The North American grassroots group Army of Masks enlists volunteers across Canada to craft masks needed by front-line workers. Local initiatives like CINÉMASK in Montreal are sewing up a storm to provide free masks for Canadians in essential jobs, too. And if you’re looking to join the needle-wielding masses, Facebook groups like Canada Sews can help source materials and techniques.

As with any face mask, make sure you remove yours correctly and disinfect after every use. First-timers, don’t be afraid to adjust your face mask to suit your needs. Glasses wearers have reported a layer of tissue along the nose can prevent steam.

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