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Why Caring About Your Appearance Is Not Vanity

Simple self-care and beauty tips to help brighten your day — no matter the challenges you're facing.

Everyone knows that true beauty comes from within, but that doesn’t mean we should question ourselves for wanting to look our best. In fact, too often the idea of self-love can be mistaken for vanity.

The truth of the matter is a lot of what we put out into the world, our looks included, can change how we feel on the inside. This is especially true for women who are dealing with the impacts of cancer, and the loss of identity that can come along with that diagnosis. Simple self-care rituals can make a huge difference in self-esteem, particularly when you’re not feeling like yourself.

Burt’s Bees joined forces with Look Good Feel Better, a charity offering complimentary workshops on managing the appearance-related impact of cancer and its treatment, to help women facing cancer look and feel like themselves again.

Taking some time to look after you can be therapeutic and can go a long way to change how you feel about yourself. We want you to ditch the idea that aesthetic self-care is vain, so in partnership with Burt’s Bees and Look Good Feel Better, here are some easy self-care and beauty ideas to help brighten your day — no matter the challenges you’re facing.

Try A Cheery Lip

Fact: A bold lip is the quickest way to polish up your appearance. Sometimes all it takes is that simple swipe of colour to shift your mood from blah to bring-it-on. Bright pigments and moisturizing formulas can reinvigorate dry or dull lips, and can even be dabbed on your cheeks in a pinch to give you a natural glow. Burt’s Bees natural lipsticks, tinted lip balms and other lip care cosmetics provide hydration, nourishment, protection and a pop of colour to lips. Consider keeping your favourite shade on-hand throughout the day, for a fuss-free pick-me-up that can help you feel more like yourself again.

Soak Up Tub Time

Making me-time a priority is one way to reconnect with yourself. The act of drawing a bath and indulging in a soak is a beauty ritual that can offer some uninterrupted me-time. And there are lots of easy ways to amp up the relaxation factor. Candles, music and plush towels can help set a spa-like tone. Remember that if your skin is dry or sensitive, keep the water lukewarm and limit your soaking time. Apply a body lotion head-to-toe right after to preserve moisture – plus it’s another routine that shows love, care and gratitude for the body that you’re in.

Unmask Your Beauty

For some, daily beauty rituals have upwards of 10-steps. While not everyone wants or can spend that much time, it’s worth taking a few cues from the skincare obsessed. Not only is caring for your skin crucial, it can provide a moment of calm as well. Cleansing and moisturizing with gentle products is always key, especially if your skin is experiencing added sensitivities. Take an extra few minutes and give yourself a face massage while cleansing your face or consider adding a soothing eye mask to your routine. Even a small beauty boost can be surprisingly therapeutic. Whatever you do, don’t forget to include sunscreen in your everyday routine.

Dress To Impress

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a sweatpant rut, especially when you’re not feeling like your best self. And some days, that may just be what you need. But every once in a while, try dressing for the day you want, instead of for the mood you’re in. Feeling uninspired? Reach for something that already has positive associations, like a favourite pair of earrings or a flattering pair of jeans. Clothing and accessories can have a big impact on how you carry yourself.

Experiment With Something Daring

If you’re really feeling adventurous, why not try something completely new? Have you been eyeing a fierce new eyeshadow colour? Have you always felt too shy to rock a dark purple lipstick? Why not give it a go? You may love it, or you may not, but either way you’ll get a rush of excitement that’ll carry you through the day.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

We can’t talk about self-care without talking about hygiene! Before caring for your skin or putting on makeup, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. Don’t share product with family or friends. And for women going through treatment who may have compromised immune systems, consider using disposable applicators such as cotton balls, pads, sponges, cotton swabs or cosmetic spatulas. Bring back your makeup brushes for when you are done treatment!

For techniques to help manage the appearance-related impact of cancer and to register for a complimentary workshop that can help you reconnect with what makes you you, visit

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