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This Is Why Heartbreak Is So Hard To Get Over

Fortunately, you can recover from both!

Deny it all you want, be we've all been there, creeping through photos of our exes late at night wondering what went wrong and sobbing ourselves to sleep. It's awful, but it's also kind of normal.

In the video above by DNews, host Lissette Padilla notes our brains react to breakups in the same way they respond to drug withdrawal.

According to Padilla, when we are in love the neurotransmitters oxytocin and dopamine become activated. These chemicals are also activated by drugs like cocaine.

So when it comes to breakups, just like a drug addict goes in search of a high, people who have suffered from a breakup also seek out photos of former loves in search of the oxytocin and dopamine associated with our ex.

And Padilla says the feelings can be even more overwhelming when long-term relationships come to an end because people often include their partner in their concept of themselves, making a breakup feel like a loss of a part of themselves.

Fortunately, just like addicts can kick harmful substances to the curb, you too can keep your brain (and heart) from craving your ex.

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