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It turns out the Bank of Canada wanted to change things up.

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Canada has a new $10 banknote, and not only is it the first one to prominently feature a black or Canadian woman, civil rights heroine Viola Desmond, but it's also the first with a vertical alignment.

And that second part is causing some head scratching online.

"...It looks like a piece out of a coloring book or a magazine," George Kocik noted on HuffPost Canada's Facebook page.

Another commenter, Barbara Dickens had a more practical concern.

"I'd just wish our dollar would go up," she wrote.

The Bank of Canada says it changed the orientation of the new note to make room for a bigger image of Desmond and to distinguish it from existing polymer bills.

One graphic design firm has also said they think vertical notes make more sense, because people tend to hold their wallets and purses vertically when looking for their bills and hand them over that way. Bank and vending machines accept bills vertically too.

And as one Twitter user pointed out, we're not the only country to opt for this design.

Along with Switzerland, Bermuda, Israel, Venezuela, Argentina and Cape Verde also use or have used vertical bills.

So even though some Canadians will initially find it strange to tuck a vertical $10 note into their wallets, they may find it more intuitive. And maybe, both with the choice of portrait and the orientation, it was time to switch things up a bit.

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