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Why People Break Up: Most Common Reasons For Splits (INFOGRAPHIC)

INFOGRAPHIC: The Most Common Reasons Why People Break Up

We know all relationships are unique, and the break-ups that can result from them are, well, even more individual (particularly when it gets bad).

But there are also some long-standing truths behind why relationships end, and, an app that helps people figure out exactly those reasons, has taken the anonymous information from its users and put it together into one handy infographic.

Many of the statements sound specific, but could indicate potential red flags, like a lack of connection with one's kids -- after all, most people want to think about how their relationships might look in the future and children tend to play a part.

While some of the excuses stem from things that are difficult to change -- like say, height (which we know can cause issues for women), or not being completely done with a previous relationship -- in many of the cases it looks like it's as simple as one book title: "He [or she] is just not that into you."

But the most important thing to remember, no matter why it went downhill, is that you're always going to be better off out of a bad relationship than in one. And hey, you could always make some money from their stuff if you so choose.

SEE: Check out the infographic from and tell us if you think these are valid reasons to end a relationship in the comments below:

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