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Why You Should Delay Eating Breakfast If You're Not Hungry, According To A Nutritionist

It can change the way you start your day.

Some people just don't feel hungry first thing in the morning, while others don't have time to sit down and eat. To avoid disrupting the day's food intake by skipping the meal entirely, nutritionist Raphaël Gruman recommends putting off breakfast for a few hours and tucking into either sweet and savoury foods — whatever takes your fancy.

Should you always eat breakfast in the morning, even if you're not hungry?

Yes, it is important to eat breakfast. Breakfast helps balance out your food intake throughout the day, avoiding calorie intakes that are too high in the evening, which can lead to weight gain.

Can changing your evening meal improve appetite in the morning?

When dinner is too copious in quantity or in calories, you don't feel hungry the next day. It's important to reverse the trend by reducing portions in the evening to help bring back your appetite in the morning.

What quick and easy solutions do you recommend?

You don't have to eat as soon as you wake up. I recommend drinking a large glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee when you wake up to prepare the digestive system to receive food in the minutes or hours that follow. If you get up at 7 a.m. or 8 a.m., it's fine to eat breakfast at 10 a.m. Try making a little sandwich with two slices of whole wheat bread or a small individual bread roll from the bakery with a single cheese slice (prepackaged). Ideally, add a piece of fruit too, such as a mandarin.

What foods do you recommend for savoury and sweet breakfasts?

Those who prefer savoury can tuck into bread with cheese or ham. For fans of sweet foods, I recommend a large bowl of natural yogurt or cottage cheese with a handful of nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts) and a piece of fruit, all mixed together.

Is it OK to eat fatty or sugary foods in the morning?

It's actually better to consume foods that contain fat and sugar at the start of the day. The body therefore has the whole day ahead to use up the calories. This is actually one of the principles of the chrono-nutrition diet, which suggests starting the day with bread and cheese, for carbohydrates on the one hand, and protein, fat and calcium on the other.

Should children follow a particular morning regimen?

No. No matter what your age, breakfast is an essential meal of the day. Research has found that it improves concentration, memory and learning.

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