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#WhyIVote: Canadians Explain Why They Participate In Elections On Facebook And Twitter

#WhyIVote: Canadians Explain Why They Vote
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During a month featuring elections in four provinces and one territory, The Huffington Post is asking Canadians why they vote.

Some argue voting is a privilege which shouldn't be wasted when millions of people abroad are struggling to win the right to free and fair elections.

Others believe declining to vote is the only principled choice when none of the candidates on offer represent their beliefs.

Send us your reasons for voting or not voting on Facebook and Twitter (use the hashtag #whyivote) and bookmark this page so you can check back in to see if your response makes the list.



Elizabeth Maria Seger: Canada and Ontario don't require much of me so I think it's my duty as a citizen of Canada and Ontario to vote in the election being held onThursday.

Sara Crawford: Because I am free to do so. My grandfather, who moved to Canada in the late 50's, refuses to vote, but continues to complain about the politicians and their actions. I very strongly believe that if you refuse to vote, for whatever reason, you waive the right to complain about the actions of those in office.

Claudia Allen: It's my right and if you don't vote you have no right to complain!

Virginia Brown-Steffler: I go to the polls because I value my right to vote.

Denise DeGraaf: I vote because I believe in our form of government. I know that every element of that government is vital to make it work at its best. I am one small part of our government and when I refuse to do my part that weakens the whole and undermines its effectiveness.

Diane Wallrich: It's a signal that no one can just assume control, that it is a permission to be granted by the people, no matter how flawed the process.

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