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This Simple Technology Can Almost Guarantee Business Success

This simple technology can almost guarantee business success. From the AOL Partner Studio

Let's face it, we live in a Wi-Fi world. While phone plans provide us with gigabytes of data to blow through each month, it's always better to login to a free Wi-Fi zone to send that Snapchat. Business owners know this well, with free internet being a standard offering in most enterprises (thank you, Starbucks). But if you haven’t bought into the fad just yet, it’s maybe time you make the switch. Here are just five reasons how Wi-Fi can help your workplace, presented in partnership with Cisco.

1. It could increase foot traffic

With people carrying their smartphones with them all the time, the need for secure Wi-Fi spot has become all the more imperative. Whether it's a vacationer looking to tap into a travel app or an office worker looking to load e-mail, advertising that you have a public wireless network can attract new customers. Don't underestimate the value of offering your potential customers something for free.

2. They'll spend a longer time inside

Once someone is logged into a Wi-Fi network, they're more than likely to stick around and use it for a while. And while they're thumbing through their favourite sites or connecting with friends on social media, they'll be more inclined to spend a little cash while they're there. For bars, restaurants and coffee shops, letting your customers latch onto your password could be the difference between someone coming in for a quick cup and sitting down at a table with their tablet for another round.

3. Customize your customer's online experience

Offering a free network can also help advertise the best parts of your business. You could set it up so that your website is homepage after logging into the system, letting visitors discover all that you have to offer at a quick glance. Whether its setting up a mobile retail experience to help guide a shopping session, or letting visitors learn more about a company's philosophy and goals, an open Wi-Fi connection can help inspire brand recognition and customer loyalty.

4. Understanding your customers better

One of the many benefits of the Cisco network experience is that you can accumulate customer data by letting them tap into your network. Cisco’s solution allows you to collect real-time data that tracks repeat visitors, the amount of time they spend on your sites and how often they visit it. By analyzing the behaviours of your visitors, you can further tailor ads and services to your clientele.

5. You increase productivity

Your customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from Wi-Fi technology, your employees do as well. A reliable wireless network not only helps everyone work more efficiently, it allows your staff to have secure service wherever they are in your enterprise, creating an open workspace that is conducive to creative thinking and collaboration.

As the world moves further and further towards a wireless experience, businesses that don't offer Wi-Fi have the potential to miss out on connecting with customers. People now expect a level of connectivity and offering that to them with secure Cisco network connection gives you a leg up on similarly-minded businesses that haven't quite caught up.

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