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10 Hair-Care Products That Undo Winter Damage And Dryness

They'll keep your hair soft and frizz-free all season long.

Winter weather isn’t just hard on your skin: Your hair is also at risk from the drying effects of the wind, freezing temperatures, and our heated homes.

So how can you keep your locks smooth and nourished?

Check out the round-up below for beauty must-haves ― from moisturizing leave-in products to a silk-lined sleeping cap ― that will help your hair stay shiny through these colder months.

THIC Daily Hair Protecting Oil $39

Winterproof Your Hair With These Damage-Fighting Products

If you’re spending all of your time indoors (thanks pandemic life), central heating is likely wreaking havoc on your scalp and leaching moisture from your follicles, which may lead to or exacerbate existing hair conditions. The deep conditioning essentials above can help keep pesky dandruff and split ends at bay. You’ll especially want to keep an eye out for treatments and hair masks that have nourishing fatty acids and nourishing oils, Stylist recommends. An added bonus: moisturized hair is less prone to annoying hat and scarf static.

Besides hair products, there are other ways to rescue winter hair. If you notice your hair is brittle and frizzy, it might be time to change your hair-care routine: Think fewer heating tools, more humidifiers.

Stylist Errol Douglas told the Evening Standard that head massages to improve blood circulation and wearing hats when venturing outside can work wonders.

When it comes to methods, dermatologist Dr. Wilma Bergfeld told the Cleveland Clinic that winter hair sufferers should treat their locks like a “cashmere sweater.” Handle hair with extra care when brushing and avoid colouring or bleaching if possible.

“The first rule of thumb is to limit how often you beat it up by scorching it with an iron, overheating it with a dryer or using a caustic chemical on it,” Bergfeld said. “Remember, hair is a fiber.”

Bergfeld also recommends reducing stress and eating hair-fortifying foods: meals rich in iron, vitamin D, vitamin C, and biotin should set you up for good hair all season.

THIC Daily Hair Protecting Oil $39

Vegan and cruelty-free, this Canadian-made product from THIC protects hair from the drying effects of winter weather. Made with a combination of hemp, argan and grapeseed oils, it has a subtle and uplifting fragrance. Plus, you can use it to treat yourself to a relaxing DIY scalp massage! Buy it here.

7 Fathoms Seaweed Hair And Scalp Treatment $65

Made in Newfoundland from hand-harvested seaweed, this natural product is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from the sea. It has a gentle exfoliating effect on the scalp, while also hydrating and nourishing both the scalp and hair. And as HuffPost Canada reported, the family behind 7 Fathoms lead a captivating life. Buy it here.

Morgan Roy Beauty Sleep Silk Cap $40

Silk does wonders to protect hair against the harsh, drying effects of forced air in our homes. Sleeping with this silk cap keeps moisture in the hair, prevents sleep static, and keeps hair cleaner longer, so we need to wash it less. Buy it here.

Maison Jacynthe Shampoo L’Ayurvedic $34

Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of pure essential oils, including myrrh, bergamot and cedar, as you wash your hair. This shampoo is cruelty-free, vegan, biodegradable, and once you wash it off, safe for lakes and rivers. Buy it here.

Rahua Leave-in Cream Treatment $63

A good leave-in conditioner makes your hair-care routine that much easier, and this cream treatment from Rahua is one of the best. Use on wet or dry hair to beat winter frizz. Omega-9 rich rahua oil helps protect hair and prevent split ends. Buy it here.

Innersense I Create Waves $31

Achieve beachy waves even in the winter, with the help of a moisturizing styling product like I Create Waves from Innersense. Aloe vera and calendula keep hair gently nourished, while Himalayan pink salt and amethyst crystal add texture and inner strength vibes to this potent potion that works like magic to define natural curls. Buy it here.

The Hair Routine Balancing Shampoo $32

An invigorating blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and coconut oils in this shampoo improve scalp circulation and encourage hair growth. The Montreal based eco-luxury brand behind this product also makes a Balancing conditioner which can be bought as a bundle on Etiket. Buy it here.

L’Oreal Professional Vitamino Colour Shampoo $24

Whether you’ve been able to visit the salon or are following along with YouTube tutorials for a home dye-job, a colour shampoo like this L’Oreal product will help moisturize your hair and protect your colour from fading, even after several washes. For a detangling perk, follow up with its conditioner counterpart. Buy it here.

WORLD Protect Hair & Skin Moisturizer $35

This multi-purpose moisturizer for all hair and skin was created by Toronto-based eco-friendly salon World. A powerful plant-based blend of aloe vera, vitamin C, rosehip and grapeseed oils make it a great conditioner. Helpful for all skin and hair types, it even removes makeup in a pinch. Buy it here.

The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo $11

The tropical scent of this shampoo will transport you (metaphorically, at least) to a vacation paradise. The mostly natural ingredients, which include organic Ecuadorian bananas, cleanse and moisturize parched winter hair. Following it up wiht a treatment of Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask once a week packs a fruit punch. Buy it here.

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