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Winter Skincare Products That Will Soothe And Protect You From The Elements

If nothing else, we have to keep our skin moisturized.

When it come to skincare, Canadian winters present all sorts of challenges — harsh winds and frigid temperatures can cause skin to suffer from dryness, peeling, and cracking, and for those of us with pre-existing conditions like eczema or psoriasis, the potentially painful impact of winter can be daunting.

While we recommend checking in with your doctor and/or dermatologist for skin-related questions and medical advice, when it comes to our winter beauty regimen, we’ve got some tried, tested and true products to help fight the effects of the cold.

From deep penetrating oils to nourishing masks or a must-have SPF, we’ve rounded up some of our toughest beauty products to keep your skin protected, healthy and glowing all winter long.

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Sahajan The Beauty Oil, $65

Winter Beauty Essentials

Inspired by the oils of India, Canadian beauty brand Sahajan uses an oil blend (moringa, hemp and frankincense) and vitamins A, B, C and D to nourish the skin.

We’re instantly eased with the calming aroma and gentle ritual of massaging this oil into our face and décolletage, and we love to indulge in an unbeatable at-home spa experience by pairing this ritual with the brand’s Sleep Well Bath Soak to nourish our mind and skin from head to toe.

This pocket-sized tube of face balm is our go-to for protecting our skin against winter weather. We use it as an extra layer of protection when the wind is particularly icy or as part of our skincare regimen when our skin feels dry.

This inviting blend of beeswax and sweet almond oil is sustainably sourced and free of synthetics, and is dermatologist tested for safety — we even use it on our kiddo’s tender cheeks to keep them protected, too.

We use this lightweight mask to regularly moisturize the skin on our face and neck. 15 minutes of masking with this highly concentrated combination of plant-based ingredients helps restore moisture, calm irritation and improve the skin’s natural barrier.

We’re big fans of Jessica Alba’s clean beauty line, and this cream is one of our favourite ways to keep our skin feeling soft and moisturized throughout the winter. We pair it with the brand’s Gentle Gel Cleanser for a simple yet effective skincare routine.

If supermodel and Kora Organics founder Miranda Kerr swears by it, we’re confident our faces are in good hands with this oil. Made from a luxurious combination of noni fruit extract and oils derived from superfood powerhouses sea buckthorn, rosehip and pomegranate, this lightweight facial oil is holding steady in our beauty routine morning and night.

This generously portioned pot of recovery balm for the face and body is an aromatically appealing combination of caramel, vanilla, shea butter and fir oil (harvested from Quebec fir trees, the oil has anti-aging and firming properties).

While the balm works wonderfully as a protective barrier applied after facial oil, we also consider it a must-have for body parts that suffer from the cold like elbows, heels and cuticles.

We can’t say enough good things about Alper Oils’ hand-blended products and this oil is no exception.

A luscious combination of jojoba, ylang ylang and jasmine oils helps calm psoriasis and eczema (although if you have these skin irritations, talk to your doctor or dermatologist first before trying new products), fight irritation and inflammation and keep skin healthy and hydrated. Did we mention a soak in this bath oil feels simply divine?

Come winter, many of us suffer from dry scalps and limp locks. This moisturizing treatment from plant-based Canadian beauty brand Luna Nectar helps nourish and restore our scalp, while drawing impurities out of our hair to cleanse and improve volume.

Thinking of giving this star treatment as a gift? The brand offers eco-friendly gift wrapping inspired by Furoshiki for an additional $5.

A cruelty-free and vegan beauty brand, Kai’s creamy shea butter blend helps keep dry skin at bay with plant-based ingredients and an invigorating floral scent.

We’re ready to face our Canadian winters with this silky soufflé on hand, and for even more skin nourishing goodness we’ll double up with the brand’s moisturizing Body Buffer in the shower or bath.

Sun protection is important even in the winter months, and this foundation with SPF20 from one of our favourite sunscreen brands does double duty with ease. (Although we would recommend adding a sunscreen with a higher SPF, such as a 30 or 50, for even more sun protection).

We love the subtle tint (it’s available in three shades) and lightweight formulation — a must have to take care of your skin year round.

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