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Woman Falls While Texting On TV: Distraction From Devices Makes For CBC Live News Blooper (VIDEO)

WATCH: Woman Falls While Texting During CBC Live News Broadcast

Even live news tends to be filmed in a controlled setting, ensuring a straightforward broadcast that delivers the story. But every once in a while, the outside creeps in, and viewers take to their remote controls to make sure they really saw what they think they saw.

Such was the case on CBC News this week, when a woman outside the studio was filmed walking, texting and then completely bailing on a set of stairs, a segment captured without the reporter ever being aware of it.

While it's unclear if she's seriously injured based the video (and we hope this isn't the case), it's a good reminder that texting and walking can be a dangerous combination -- some places are even floating the idea of a ban on the behaviour altogether. Studies have even found that texting while walking not only affects your pace, but potentially your memory recall as well.

Much like the fatal headphones incidents we reported on earlier this week, it seems that our electronic devices are posing more hazards to our daily lives -- and this is a good reminder to be aware at all times.

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